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In the fast phase of technology today, vertical transportation is riding with this tide. Elevator age and manufacturers are discontinuing support for older equipment and a modernization can become a final option. Modernization is a costly approach, so we suggest you call us for a free consultation to be sure your equipment truly needs this upgrade.
Elevator repair is needed when experiencing an erratic and constant breakdown. The safety of the passengers are at stake when neglected. Through diagnosis, a repair might be needed. Call us today for a free and honest assessment of your equipment.
Our team is ready to help our customers from the design stage through installation process with our years of experience ensures the best possible elevator solution. Every customer, building, elevator installation is unique, which is why we customize our proposal to customer’s specifications. We will ensure that the transition from design and planning to installation of a final product is coherent.
Maintaining the elevator is complying with safety and code requirements; keeping the elevator passenger in safe and comfortable ride is an important part of our maintenance program. Regular preventive maintenance is the key to run & operate the equipment in a tip top shape.
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If the elevator is more than 10 years old, give us a call. We provide free and honest assessment.
Modernization of elevator is a long term investment and increases the value of the property. Advancement of technology ensures safety and compliant to the latest code. It will also ease pedestrian traffic flow and improve overall energy efficiency.
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We want to do everything we can to provide you with the easiest, most convenient experience possible. That’s why we provide 24 hour assistance that leverage the latest technology to make sure that your elevator run safely all the time.



Metropolitan Elevator Company was started in 1995. Forward-looking professional service provider, servicing elevators in Southern California. Our line of service consists of repair, maintenance, consulting and modernizations for all types of elevators.



We use the latest and most advance technology available in the market to build, maintain, and fully scalable equipments for the most dynamic environment today. Everything from simple module to controller powerhouses.


For all elevator service, repair, maintenance program, new installation, modernization, & others please call our office at (213) 739-1605 or email:

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