MEC_LOGODesigns and installs a full line of passenger and freight elevators throughout Southern California. MEC specializes in hydraulic and traction elevator systems for commercial, industrial, and residential facilities in a new and existing buildings.

Our team provides, project estimates, onsite survey, complete specifications, project scheduling, ability to accommodate quick installations and with minimal building disruptions. Our technicians are trained to remain current with technological advancements and changes in safety codes. Let our professional installation team help you through this process. Our number one focus is to design and install your elevator in the safest and most efficient way possible.

maintenanceMaintenance Program

Since 1995, Metropolitan Elevator Company (MEC) has been a partner with building owners and managers in providing reliable and safe elevators through our preventive and maintenance program.

MEC's commitment to build a longstanding relationship with our customers is the cornerstone of our continued success. We work hard to keep your elevator reliable and safe with less downtime possible. Our preventive maintenance program is designed to avert problems before it occur; proactive maintenance rather than breakdown maintenance which usually leads to unnecessary and higher cost of repair.

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Elevator Modernization

In the fast phased of technology today, vertical transportation are riding with this tide. Elevator age and manufacturers are discontinuing support for older equipment and a modernization can become a final option.  Modernization is a costly approach, so we suggest you call us for a free consultation to be sure your equipment truly needs this upgrade.  Many of our clients were told they needed to modernize, and after our inspection, we were able to make the necessary adjustments or repairs and avoided a modernization.  Our vast inventory of parts allows us to make repairs on equipment that is considered to be obsolete or legacy.

Should it be determined that a modernization is needed – we can keep the cost to a minimum.  Being union-free allows us to work after hours and weekends to insure a prompt repair and less down time for your tenants.

A modernization is outside of the scope of a service contract and can be performed by any licensed elevator contractor.


  • Implement latest safety codes
  • Enhance performance and efficiency
  • Minimize downtime and machine failures
  • Prolong the lifetime of your equipments
  • Reduced your property operating costs
  • Ensures latest compliant with safety codes
  • Improve the ride quality and increased passenger comfort
  • Improve the appearance
  • Meets accessibility requirements

MEC Modernization Solutions are available for all elevator makes and models.

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Code Testing

 We perform routine test required  by State of California and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) A17.1. to make sure the safety of the equipment and the riding public. Learn about building/elevator owner responsibilities (here).

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 New Installation

Metropolitan Elevator Company design and install full line of freight and passenger elevator.

Metropolitan Elevator Company's expertise on traction and hydraulic system for industrial, commercial, healthcare, and highrise building in a new and existing building. We build professional relationship with the owner and customize the design according to owner's specification without compromising safety codes & regulations.

We Provides:

  • Budget estimate
  • Custom engineering and design
  • Drawing layouts
  • Onsite surveys
  • Project management
  • Great customer service
  • Quick installations

Our continuous training program keep our crew remain current with the advancement of technology and latest safety codes.

Call us today and let's discuss your vertical transportation needs.

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For all elevator service, repair, maintenance program, new installation, modernization, & others please call our office at (213) 739-1605 or email: